We serve our customers in the planning and implementation of industrial-scale solar power projects. Our services cover the entire life cycle of solar power from the first pre-studies to the construction of the power plant and the maintenance tendering.

Envisor’s solar power life cycle services:


Preliminary Study Phase

  • Grid Connection
  • Natural Conditions, Protected Areas
  • Construction Possibilities
  • Preliminary Layout

Economic Modeling

  • Production Estimate
  • Sizing and Profitability Modeling


  • Environmental Studies
  • Necessity Study for Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Application for Other Required Permits and Opinions


  • Soil Investigations
  • Layout Design
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Foundation Opinion

Procurement Consulting

  • Competing Suppliers
  • Component Recommendations and Tendering
  • Coordination of Purchases


  • Owner’s Engineer Duties
  • Safety Coordinator

Operation and Maintenance

  • Maintenance Tendering and Contract Negotiations

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